We can produce a floor plan for your property that is usable for property marketing purposes. Architects plans are often not the best way to easily understand the layout and flow of a property.

In order to have a floor plan drawn up, we can either visit the site to survey the property, or we can use current plans to create the finished product for you.

Get the best chance at selling your property

Our experience in the hugely competitive property market of London, UK has proved to us time and again that a decent floor plan can really effect the speed and volume of enquiries, ultimately bringing about a sale in a timely manner.

Often times photos just can’t do a property justice as they don’t provide a prospective buyer with the ‘Full Picture’. A floor plan helps people to visualise and plan what they could do with the space. 

On a Budget?
Properties are always different, we understand that so too are the budgets for marketing them.

We have varying levels within the Floor Plans bracket to cater for your needs without emptying your pockets.

Call or email us for more information or to enquire about getting a floor plan done.